Renaissance Human is a new movement to activate the creative spark that lies within each human being.

In our techno-frantic lives filled with daunting problems and civilization-threatening crises, it can be hard to hear, let alone activate, that creative voice inside us. The voice that wants to be heard in a world that needs our heart, our care, our compassion, and our ideas. The voice that represents our uniqueness, our creativity, our spirit, our heart. That voice.

I plan to be using every ounce of creativity I can muster for this mission.

And your help and the help of many renaissance humans all across planet Earth.

I’m Bruce Cryer, founder of the Renaissance Human Project. I’ve brought together an exceptional team of people who helped me create an album of original songs, a documentary film (in process), and a series of launch events around the US.

Our mission is to inspire and practically enhance the creative spirit inside each person we touch so their lives are infused with the very creativity that lies at the heart of every human being.

It is my belief that since every human being contains the power and force of creation itself – we can create another life! – that we can also guide, shape and develop that creative energy to make our lives meaningful, fulfilling, fun, loving, co-creative, and magnificent.

My career has spanned diverse fields from the arts and business, starting with being an singer/dancer/actor on Broadway, publisher, health care executive, author, leadership consultant, CEO of several companies, mentor, and photographer.

Here’s why I’m building a movement, with your help:

  • I had a series of life-threatening conditions between 2009 and 2011 that awakened me to the need to express myself creatively once again. When I started sharing my story I realized that many, many other people had the same need I had.
  • I feel a deep desire to help children and adults activate the creative spark inside themselves. I believe the world needs new creativity at a time of tremendous peril and animosity.

As individuals we need to express the fullness of who we are in order to lead the most satisfying lives possible.

Tune in with Bruce and Watch the Indiegogo Video that launched Renaissance Human

How Renaissance Humans Can Save the World

We now have an opportunity never before seen on this planet, to reignite the original Renaissance spirit of “rebirth” in how we consciously choose to engage our creativity to solve the daunting crises of the 21st century. We have an opportunity — actually I believe it is our mission — to connect heart to heart as people, as global citizens, as lovers of joy, connection, freedom and truth no matter how much our differences might be separating us.

While creativity is a central tenet of this new Renaissance meme, becoming what I call a Renaissance Human isn’t solely about embracing your creative side. It’s about exploring the fullness of our potential as humans — to let ourselves fly into artistic realms especially if our nature is more analytical or was default to being a manager of things.

For those who have already embraced their artistic nature, being a Renaissance Human is about exploring the fullness of being grounded in the world — if our nature is to fly away into artistic dreams with little hope of putting food on the table or living in a place above subsistence level.

Thousands of people from all genders, nationalities, generations, and talent sets are already becoming Renaissance Humans. They are rejecting limitations of previous generations and are sensing that it is in the integration of our fullest creative potential as a species — along with the humane use of technology — that humanity can be on the verge of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of this planet.

Today’s renaissance humans are the embodiment of a new profound appreciation of the magnificent potential of human consciousness to create a new world, rising like a phoenix out of a dying world created — unwittingly — by our predecessors and ancestors. These new renaissance humans represent a revolution that is bringing technology, creativity, and heart together in the name of our deepest soul fulfillment and the next stage of evolution for humanity and for our planet.

Whatever generation you are part of, whatever nation you call home, whatever your gender identification, whatever makes your heart sing… we are all in this together. It only took a thousand people to launch the last Renaissance…….are you ready to be part of the next one?

[excerpted from “How Renaissance Humans Can Save the World”,]

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