The Renaissance Human model is a powerful offering for organizations of all types who wish to bring out the most creative talents and skills of each of their people.

A program Bruce developed called “Creativity as Your Personal Well-Being Strategy” has been offered as a three-session workshop through Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program during 2017.  It is based on the Renaissance Human model, covering these five elements:

  • Mindfulness
  • Embodiment
  • Nature
  • Playfulness
  • Artistic Expression


We all need more creativity – to solve problems, start fun projects, repair relationship challenges, help others in need, and simply to be the fullest expression of ourselves we can possibly be.

Now we know, thanks to significant scientific research, that creativity is also good for us too.

Finding our creative flow in artistic or other soul-satisfying endeavors makes our immune system stronger, our cardiovascular system more efficient, and our cognitive function sharper and more clear.

In short, we start to feel and perform at our best! While having more fun.

The Program

Through music, art, dance, photography, creative writing and other forms of creative expression that you enjoy, you will gain a powerful new foundation to become and stay creative through life.

Bruce Cryer knows the territory. Bruce has had an unusually varied career including several very successful businesses in the health and well-being arena. But it took a series of life-threatening conditions, along with the passing of his mother and his wrenching decision to step down as CEO from the organization he helped to found, before his own renaissance human could be fully born.

You will learn:

  • New skills to become more creative on demand
  • How to refine talents you barely knew you had, or haven’t used in a long time
  • To explore a new side of yourself you didn’t know existed
  • To create a plan to keep creativity alive in your life for fun and fulfillment

There’s Science to This

Bruce will show you – through stories from his own business and creative life, and from cutting edge research on creativity and fulfillment from HeartMath and the world of Neuroscience – how to tap into your creativity like never before. He will share how his health, his entrepreneurial spirit and his heart all came alive the more he embraced creativity in every way he could. And how the same came happen for you.

Your own Da Vinci, conveniently located inside you.

Music, dance and meditation will all be involved in this series! You’ll have fun tapping into the renaissance human inside you.

The Instructor

Bruce Cryer has been called a renaissance man: he has achieved success as a Broadway actor/singer/dancer, entrepreneur, CEO of the legendary HeartMath organization, executive coach and mentor, strategic consultant, photographer, artist, and author. He is co-author of From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance, and the Harvard Business Review article, “Pull the Plug on Stress”, along with a number of scientific papers. His clients have included Kaiser Permanente, Unilever, NASA, Mayo Clinic, Dropbox, Stanford Healthcare, Duke University Medicine, Johnson & Johnson, and dozens of high performing organizations worldwide.

He once performed with the legendary Duke Ellington and his career included 800 performances in the world’s longest running musical, The Fantasticks. He has taught in various programs at Stanford continuously since 1997.

A cancer, staph infection and salmonella survivor, he is singing and dancing again on two surgically-repaired titanium hips. His new project, Renaissance Human Enterprises, launches in 2017.

The program

  • Are you expressing your creativity to the fullest?
  • Do you greet each day with exuberance, joy and a sense of deeply held mission?
  • Do you make time to nurture yourself and your highest aspiration for living?
  • Has your work life felt like an uplifting expression of who you are or more like heavy labor at times?
  • Did you know that numerous research studies have confirmed the link between the flow state associated with creativity and improved overall health and well-being, even brain function?