Renaissance Human is a movement to celebrate creativity in a world starving for it.

Our movement is born out of the life experience of founder Bruce Cryer, and millions of others throughout history who have bucked the trends and gone against tradition to live a life as fully creative and alive as possible.

In 2011, as a harrowing two year period of health and personal challenges was finally settling down and Bruce could see light at the end of the tunnel, he realized he needed to sing again.

That impulse led him back to his old friend from college days, renowned composer and producer, Gary Malkin. Soon, they birthed the What Makes Your Heart Sing project – a “keynote performance” designed to awaken inspiration that had become dormant in people and organizations. Bruce and Gary got audiences singing and remembering what makes their heart sing!

In 2017 an invitation from the amazing Brothers Koren – Isaac and Thorald – to co-create an EP of songs Bruce would write became an offer he couldn’t refuse.

But rather than just record some songs and put it out there to a world potentially saying, “huh?”, Bruce realized this was an opportunity to build a movement around an idea that has inspired his imagination and the way he lives his life: becoming a Renaissance Human.

The project launched July 20, 2017 with an Indiegogo campaign to build support and funding for the album of Bruce’s songs — created with the expert talented guidance of singer-songwriters Isaac and Thorald Koren (supported by Emmy-award winning composer and musical alchemist, Gary Malkin) – along with a documentary film directed by Fabian Aguirre and Maya Pisciotto of The Understory celebrating rebirth and creativity, along with launch events being held around the US.

The digital album was completed October 2017 and released to backers. We are releasing one single every few weeks culminating with the release of the CD in 2018.

There is a launch event celebrating the Winter Solstice and the Renaissance Human movement on December 20, 2017 in Sausalito at Harmonia.

The Renaissance Human Model

There are five Catalysts we believe are instrumental in awakening and activating Creativity inside everyone, that allow for the rebirth, or renaissance, of the soul of each of us.

  • Mindfulness
  • Embodiment
  • Nature
  • Playfulness
  • Artistic Expression

Through workshops, classes and keynote performances, these five catalysts are explored immersively and interactively, leading each participant to an embracing of the unique creative energies inside them. This process often leads to the development of new talents the participant didn’t know they had, or the refinement of previously known talents that can now be reborn and celebrated.

A workshop entitled Creativity as Your Personal Well-Being Strategy, based on the Renaissance Human model, is now being offered through Stanford University’s employee wellness program. It will be offered through the Open Center in New York July 2018. This program can be tailored to fit the needs of organizations of all sizes in all industries and fields.

A keynote performance entitled “(Re)Connecting to Your Creative Voice”, has been developed to share examples and exercises of the Five Catalysts and includes live inspiring performance of music from the album.

The songs from the album can also be licensed for non-commercial use in socially responsible and progressive causes within the organization or their community.

At the heart of the Renaissance human project is Creativity. Who knows where this project will be tomorrow, and next week, and next year, and next decade. Let’s co-create the future!!

Creativity is in need of love today. We’ve got the love to give.